I don’t have to shut all the windows downstairs every time I go upstairs. LockLatch™ prevents opportunistic burglaries. Rachel Maina – Nairobi

Perfect for making my kitty happy, burglars not so much… Caroline Kinuthia – Mombasa

LockLatch™ really works and my folks now feel safe at all times and they can have the safe ventilation that everybody needs. Jessie Rodrigues – Naivasha

I have used this as an additional security on my sliding glass windows and have been extremely pleased with the result. I now feel a lot more secure. Wendy Matings – Mombasa

Excellent for my sliding glass doors. Low cost huge impact from a security perspective.Manu Patel – Nairobi

Locklatch Lockable Latch

LockLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave your windows or doors open but locked.

It’s easy to install, adjustable with a gap from 8 to 17cms and prevents opportunistic theft, wind damage, baboon and monkey access while providing fresh air, keeping your children safe, giving small pets access and you peace of mind.

ONLY Ksh4,060
FREE delivery in Nairobi